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Space Taxi

Developer: Pandcorps
2.99 usd

Immerse yourself in this fast-paced Space-Taxi adventure with a twist: manoeuvre through the galaxy and escape planetary gravity in this boundless jump-and-run game.You are a taxi driver, jumping to and around planets to pick up passengers and take them to their rocket, so they can get back into space.
But be careful: on the way you will encounter galactic beings that will try to make your life difficult and prevent you from accomplishing your mission.
While flitting about in your taxi, collect stars and life hearts that you can use to buy upgrades in the laboratory.
FEATURES• Unique gameplay: planetary gravity affects your trajectory• Stunning action graphics• Easy-to-use touch controls• More than 10 different characters to choose from• Drive 3 different taxis across the galaxy• Lots of upgrades and settings• Endless gameplay for endless fun!
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